What is a Personnel Integration Specialist??

I work with individuals and groups to inspire and guide them to achieve higher levels of performance while enhancing their best qualities. I provide ongoing one-on-one sessions for leaders and group trainings for teams, primarily addressing internal thought processes and ultimately changing external experiences. This results in a fundamental, ongoing shift in work performance.

Benefits of Working with Me

Empirical research consistently asserts that employees today are increasingly disengaged, costing U.S. businesses $300 billion per year in lost productivity. According to the International Coaching Federation, individualized training has resulted in:

  • 70% of participants benefitted from improved work performance, relationships, and communication skills
  • 80% of participants reporting increased self-confidence
  • 86% of companies reported that they regained their entire investment or more

Studies have shown that when leaders are able to effectively manage their internal states, it has a positive effect on the rest of the employees within the organization. We will collaborate to upgrade your internal processes through individual sessions, which will significantly increase your effectiveness as a leader. You can expect the following internal shifts:

  • Decreased stress
  • Ease with making decisions
  • Improved relationships
  • Clearer vision for your organization
  • Increased ability to identify and cope with emotions
  • Personal and professional fulfillment
Of the 5 billion people on the planet, only 1.4 billion have a good job, and just 16% of those are engaged (Gallup)

This work not only empowers you to create and enhance your personal experience, but results in tremendous cultural shifts within your organization. Our individual sessions coupled with workshops I deliver to the rest of the company produce the following shifts:

  • Increased employee engagement & productivity
  • Increased employee dedication & motivation
  • Decreased turnover and burnout
  • Increased overall job satisfaction