Why Alison?

I am a trained psychotherapist and executive trainer, which is a rare combination. My expertise in working one-on-one with executives while also developing and delivering workshops that transform internal processes requires a distinctive skillset and vigor.

Although I have a background as a psychotherapist, I am not the stereotypical therapist who agrees with everything my clients say and then asks how they feel. I have a no bandaid, no bullshit mentality. I am direct and confront my clients with maladaptive patterns and behaviors and then help them to develop concrete skills that can applied to any situation – all while employing a positive, caring attitude with a sense of humor. Our focus is almost never on the past. Rather, we emphasize the future and how to find fulfillment on your path to achieving your goals.

The skills I teach are grounded in Eastern philosophy while being supported by Western science. We focus on your ability to create your own reality rather than falling victim to your circumstances. These skills not only improve your immediate experiences, it also empowers you to create lifelong fulfillment, meaning, and success.