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Alison’s AVA Process™


The most powerful aspect of creating change is gaining awareness of unhelpful thoughts, emotions, and behaviors. Once you are aware of what isn’t serving you, you can apply the skills Alison teaches to decrease the impact your negative thoughts and feelings have on you, which increases control over your behaviors and perception.


As we grow older we focus more on what is realistic rather than idealistic. We forget to dream. This step of Alison’s process involves exploring what you want for your life and your career to create a clear vision for your personal and professional future.


The final phase of transformation involves identifying your core values, aligning with your authentic self, and taking action toward the life you envisioned for yourself.

One-on-One Sessions

Ongoing one-on-one sessions are typically reserved for the leaders of the organization and are kept completely confidential. Based on many empirical studies, I understand that the state of an organization is a reflection of the internal states of its leaders. Our work therefore focuses on enhancing internal processes related to all areas of life. This will positively affect professional performance, which will result in a positive impact throughout the rest of the organization and its employees.

Employees who give their managers a low rating are four times more likely to be interviewing for other jobs than their peers (TINYpulse)

Nearly every company faces similar general obstacles and I understand that every situation and every individual is unique. I therefore tailor my AVA process to individual needs. This creates immediate and lasting change instead of temporary solutions.

Nearly 50% of employees said they’ve quit a job because of a bad manager 60% think managers need managerial training (Udemy)

Once one-on-one sessions with the executive team become more spread out, I can work with others within the company on an individual basis.

Meeting Mediation

Let’s face it, great minds don’t always think alike! Even when like-minded individuals come together to problem solve or brainstorm, passion and perceptions can get in the way of clear, productive communication. Having an objective observer with a keen ability to resolve conflict can save ample time, energy, and money.

Mindful Mornings

Kickstart the day by getting everyone in the company centered and focused through a brief meditation. This internal balancing promotes a low-stress, cohesive environment and helps participants access the creative, intuitive side of their brains.

Depending on your preference, these sessions can include a quick lesson on how meditation and mindfulness work and the benefits of establishing a consistent practice.


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