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Alison’s AVA Process™

The main framework of our journey together is grounded in my AVA process but is customized to your personal circumstances and needs. Depending on your preferences and beliefs, I integrate leadership skills, communication skills, mindfulness skills, spirituality, and/or universal/energetic laws.


The most powerful aspect of creating change is gaining awareness of unhelpful thoughts, emotions, and behaviors. Once you are aware of what isn’t serving you, you can apply the skills Alison teaches to decrease the impact your negative thoughts and feelings have on you, which increases control over your behaviors and perception.


As we grow older we focus more on what is realistic rather than idealistic. We forget to dream. This step of Alison’s process involves exploring what you want for your life and your career to create a clear vision for your personal and professional future.


The final phase of transformation involves identifying your core values, aligning with your authentic self, and taking action toward the life you envisioned for yourself.


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